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April 2014

The Art of RV Design

The Art of RV DesignToday more than ever, RVs are not just vehicles that get you from point A to point B and provide a nice place to stay when you arrive at your destination. They’re seen as an extension of your home, and for many RVers, they’re a full-time home where families and friends spend time together and enjoy the adventures of the open road. So when it comes to designing motorcoaches, interior designers are continually looking at new and better ways to create livable spaces that are not only functional, but warm, welcoming, comfortable and beautiful.

More functional kitchens, premium materials, the latest technologies and convenient work spaces are just some of the current trends in RV design. Mindy Cox, Interior Designer for American Coach, stays on top of all these trends and more, finding inspiration not only in the RV industry, but in other products such as yachts. “A mega-yacht might be a lot more expensive than a motorhome, but you pay close attention to the little things in their design, like a certain latch or a design for a ceiling plenum,” Mindy shares. Mindy was recently featured in the March/April 2014 issue of RVBusiness in which she explains part of the process of creating a new design for an American Coach product.

Designing the interior of a motorcoach is a very visual and tactile process that requires visual aids in order to convey ideas to other team members, including product development, engineering, sales, marketing and corporate executives. Mindy explains, “It’s often difficult for others to see what I’m seeing.” That’s why she creates interior décor boards that show fabrics, wall panels, carpets, countertops, sketches and photos that convey her vision for a certain design. From there, they create mock-ups and prototypes and refine the design even further.

The interior design process can take a year or more, depending on whether it’s an upgrade to an existing floor plan or a completely new model. As motorcoaches increasingly reflect the latest trends in interior design, from modern amenities typically found in homes to rich fabrics and plush, comfortable furniture, Mindy and her team at American Coach will continue to be industry leaders in creating inspired interiors.

Beyond the exceptional designs Mindy and team create, American Coach has a special order department for even the most discerning buyers. Most every request can be accommodated, ensuring you get exactly the American Coach you want. For more information about special orders, contact our sales department at (800) 854-1344.