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February 2014

Fuel Tips for Freezing Weather

Fuel Tips for Freezing WeatherThis winter has delivered some brutal, record-low temperatures to most of the country. And while the end may be in sight (at least we hope), we have some helpful fuel tips for those who use their motorhomes during the cold winter months.

  • For diesel motorhomes, there are two different fuel blends: summer blend and winter blend. The difference is untreated diesel fuel, like summer blend, will begin to gel at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn’t good for your motorhome’s fuel system. Using an antigel additive is recommended during the winter months, even if you’re using a winter blend fuel.
  • If your diesel motorhome has been parked for several days in below 30-degree-Fahrenheit temperatures, turn on the block heater four hours prior to starting the engine. Before you start the engine, be sure to turn the block heater off.
  • If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, turn on the block heater and leave it on while you’re parked. Again, turn the block heater off before you start the engine.
  • You can warm up your motorhome’s fuel by turning on the generator 30 minutes before starting the engine. More fuel is supplied to the generator than it actually uses and the unburned fuel is diverted back to the fuel tank. So by starting the generator, you can circulate warm fuel from the generator to the fuel tank where it mixes and helps warm the fuel.