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June 2013

Chassis Care for the Road Ahead

Chassis Care for the Road AheadStaying current with your chassis' regular maintenance is an investment worth its weight in gold when you consider it can help you avoid the inconvenience of breakdowns and costly repairs, while at the same time keeping your motorcoach operating at peak performance and maximum fuel efficiency. But a diesel pusher chassis has many parts and systems, and sometimes important services get overlooked, such as:

Air dryer service Every 2 years
Power steering/fan drive Every 2 years
Fan drive gear box (belt-driven) Every year
Chassis lube Every 6 months
Transmission service Every 3 years
Oil and oil filter service Every year
Fuel filter service Every year
Belts Check every trip--replace every 3 years
Engine air filter Every 2 years
Rear axle fluid change Every year
Steer and tag axle oil refresh Every year

*These are general intervals. Please check your owner's manual for the recommendations for your specific motorcoach.

Staying on top of these and other services is essential to getting the most enjoyment from your American Coach. So when it comes to choosing where to have your chassis maintenance performed, it's best to go to the same reputable service center each year. They're more likely to get to know you and your motorcoach and be more accountable for the work they perform if they know they'll be seeing you again.

Our team of expert RVIA-certified technicians and ASE-certified diesel chassis technicians at our Factory Service Center in Decatur, Indiana, stand ready to help you keep your chassis running at peak performance. Call us to schedule an appointment at 800-322-8216. You can also schedule an appointment or request an estimate online. Regular maintenance goes a long way when it comes to caring for your chassis.